Vanessa Hudgens Posing Nude & Dyking Out With Alexa Nikolas?

by Bucky Beall on March 14, 2011

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Supposed leaked pictures of a naked Vanessa Hudgens spreading her pussy and dyking out with another teen television star are burning up the intertubes. The pics first appeared on the photosharing site Flickr until removed by that service, and it seems they were uploaded already censored. They seem to show Hudgens being very naughty for the camera and making out with fellow teen tv star Alexa Nikolas.

Are they the real deal? Here’s the reasons why they may be:

– Hudgens has made porny sexting nude personal pics previously, which have also leaked.

– She has a sexy new action flick coming out and “leaked” dirty pics are good publicity and a good way to shed her previous Disney  good girl image.

– That sure looks like her and her rocking little bod.

Butttt….. there’s a few things that set off my bullshit detector that these could be photoshops or a look-a-like gal:

– Spreading her snatch? Seriously? Isn’t that a little too perfect.

– Why are they already censored?

– How’d they get on flickr?

So I leave it to you, the experts…the detectives.

Are these really leaked porny pics of Vanessa Hudgens?

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