Vanessa Hudgens Hot Photoshoot & Bonus Leaked Nude Pics

by Bucky Beall on February 10, 2011

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With us putting up this new Vanessa Hudgens hot photoshoot and (bonus!) leaked nude pics, we’re fixing a mistake we made last December –  we had a whole day of (Former) Disney Teens Gone Wild and we somehow neglected to include a post on the High School Musical star. She’s a big girl now and no longer the property of the Disney Corporation so it’s sexxxy photoshoot time to promote her upcoming Girls in Skimpy Clothing With Lots of CGI Action Movie.

Except she did do a racy phototshoot a few years ago, back when Mickey Mouse was still her boyfriend, but it was a personal session of naked sexting pics which got leaked out, I’ve included the naughty nudie photos for fun as well.

Pics courtesy of DrunkenStepfather, you click on the images below for larger versions:

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