Vintage Harlot: Facesitting, No Dick Sucking

by Alpha Harlot on May 13, 2018

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Pro tip for when you are trying to get in my pants:

Don’t demand that I suck your dick in exchange for any Goddamn thing.

Back in 2003ish, I met a photographer on Craigslist that had a legit studio. Like legit, legit. Not just a fancy camera and an eye for images. We met in public so that I could make sure he was kosher (because Craig’s has always been shady). After a few drinks we drove separately to his studio to take some shots.

I changed into some kind of fishnet lingerie ensemble, tossing my ass length hair into pigtails. We shot for a few hours and from the images that I was able to preview, I was really happy with how they came out. Before I left, we made plans to get together the following weekend so that he could give me a CD with all the images on them.

Then things got a little strange.

He started calling me and emailing me a few times a day. I liked the attention, but I wasn’t so much into the guy himself. I wanted pictures taken, that’s what we did. Dude was giving me the creeps pretty hardcore and I had the feeling when we got together, he was going to end up putting the moves on me.

I’m a sexual psychic, I swear.

I showed up at his studio and he answered the door totally naked.

“Jesus, man. Put some fucking clothes on and give me the CD.”

“I feel like you owe me something. A least a little cock suck. I mean the pictures turned out great, don’t you think I should be paid?”

There was no way that I was sucking this guys dick. Like ZERO chance. I can’t stand when people try to pull casting couch bullshit.

I gave him my flirtiest eyes and put my hand on his chest, pushing him into the room. He moved to go sit on a red velvet easy chair that I straddled the prior week, but I told him to throw a towel down and lay on the floor.

“You’re going to eat my pussy and I’m not going to touch your dick at all,” I told him.

He smiled and said something lame like, “Bring it on.”

I straddled his head with my panties still on and rubbed his nose all over my butthole. He asked me to take them off but I told him that I liked it better this way.

Truth was that I didn’t even want him to lick my skin.

I grinded my clit into his chin without stopping, popping off a quick orgasm with the exact pressure that I knew I would need to cum. I could have done the exact same thing with the arm of the easy chair, but I felt like I needed to get my point across. He had a boner the whole time and I did my best not to even look at it.

I took a couple breaths and stood up, straightening out my dress and grabbing my purse.

He looked surprised, “What about me?”

“I could give a fuck about you, honestly. Keep the pictures. Wank to them for all I care,” and then I walked back out of the building and to my car.

Later that night, he emailed me each of the images and apologized for his behavior. I don’t remember if I ever even downloaded them, but I definitely never posted them anywhere and they don’t seem to exist in my private stash. I’d rather never see them again, to be honest.

Image: AlphaHarlot’s Private Stash from 2005 or so.

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