Vintage Harlot: Two Way Mirrors

by Alpha Harlot on April 15, 2018

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There were eight steps behind a locked door leading up to the office. Two way mirrors covered most of the walls from floor to ceiling. I counted money every few hours, swapping out the cash drawers of the other employees and making sure everything was on point. It was the least stressful part of my job, so I usually used the time to decompress with my employees.

I flirted with the guys I worked with a whole lot, but always privately. As much as everyone probably knew I was fucking my way through the store, I didn’t want to be too obvious about it. One night, I decided that I wanted to try out an experiment and see if I could get laid more than once in a shift.

There were two cashiers in particular that I was interested in. One I had already fucked in the backroom, so I knew he’d be down for some fun. The other I was going to have to see about convincing. He was a ginger guy with muscles, in college on a track scholarship. It was his legs that did it for me. You could see his calf muscles flex every time he stretched and I wondered how strong his thrust would be.

I invited the sure thing upstairs to count his drawer first and made quick work of making sure his money was good. It didn’t take much to get him excited, so I just said, “Fuck me real quick?” and I tossed him a condom. He laid down on the floor and I did squats on his cock till my thighs were burning and my pussy was throbbing. While I was fucking though, I was watching the red haired boy ring up customers, thinking about how sexy it would be to see what he had hidden in his pants. My fuck buddy didn’t seem to notice how distracted I was though, and he busted his nut before I was even close to getting off.

This would have been a problem if I wasn’t planning on trying out the other guy on staff directly after.

The office must have smelled like sex. There is no way to hide something like that with air freshner. You can cover up the smell with chemical lilacs, but you really can’t get rid of it. It has to linger and dissipate which takes time.

I didn’t care about that. As soon as the door closed behind the first guy, I called the second one up to the office. Counting and bullshitting, I tried to steer the conversation to sex and he pretty much took the bait.

I slid my hand up his lap and traced the outline of his balls.

“Right now?” he asked.

“Why not?” I said smiling.

He was too nervous though. His eyes kept drifting through the mirrors to the customers that were walking around five feet in front of us. There was no way that he was getting hard.

“Can we try again after hours?” he said, nibbling on my ear and giving my ass a squeeze.

“Of course, we’ll have more time then anyway,” I winked, gave him back his register drawer, and we finished up the night awkwardly smiling at each other, knowing exactly what was going to happen when I locked the door at the end of our shift.

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