For The Love Of Oil

We spent this Wednesday morning watching a porn where there was so much oil involved we began to worry about the safety of all participants involved. After realizing they were complying with  safety standards we breathed a sigh of relief and continued with the vile debasement to our bodies. When that was finished we cuddled with ourselves and thought long and hard about how fucking sexy oil really is.

We knew we needed more immediately, oil that is. Since it’s about that time to move away from the redheads in our life like Bianca Beauchamp and Sabrina Maree, we found a brunette to fulfill our oil fantasies. Welcome to the site, Violet Erotica.

It’s rare to find a pornstar or model where you can’t decide what’s better, is it her tits or is it her ass? Hell, we don’t even know if we want her to lie on her back or get on all fours.

Shall we hold a vote?

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