Vulva Original: The Scent of a Woman

Are you ever going about your day and suddenly find yourself hankering  for the smell of pussy? For those of you who would like to capture the scent of a woman and smother yourself in it, your prayers have been answered, you can now purchase Vulva Original multipurpose perfume/aftershave/eau de toilette/deodorant and bathe in the delightful aroma of pussy to your heart’s content.

You know how some people don’t trust people with beards, blue eyes, or windowless vans? Well, I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like the scent of a woman. If you’re dating someone who doesn’t like to go down on you, because they find it icky, I think that’s reason enough to doubt the moral fiber of their being. I mention this, because I’m convinced that some people are going to react adversely to Vulva Original. I haven’t smelt it, so I can’t tell you whether they’ve managed to capture the true scent of a woman’s vagina, but what I can say is that the concept is fucking hot.

Just watch the video below. If you weren’t even a tiny bit interested in smelling the bike seat after that work out, there’s something wrong with you. I say this as a person who loves dick, which I think is an homage to this particular porny marketing campaign. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would have liked to lick some of that sweat from her thighs.

As I’m sure all you Peeperz love cunt as much as I do, it would probably interest you to know that the blond woman featured in their ads is the lucky lady who got the opportunity to contributed her pussy juices to create Vulva Original. The mixture is top secret, but it contains actual pussy juice. I’d be interested in knowing whether any of you have actually smelt this stuff. Give me the deets, I’m too broke to buy some, and besides if I want to smother my face in the intoxicating smell of pussy, I can just slide my hand down my pants or bury my face in a pair of my panties.

Check out the video: