Want An Erotic Dream? Sleep On Your Stomach. Science!

by Lola Byrd on August 16, 2012

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I don’t have a lot of erotic dreams (at least not when I’m sleeping). Although, I did dream I was a hermaphrodite once and that I could fuck myself, and boy was I ever good at it, but usually sex in my dreams is relegated to sexually tense moments. Mere moments where someone is pressing their body against mine and I can feel their hard cock through their jeans, or it could be as simple as someone sliding their hand up my thigh.

Dreams where I NEED to have an orgasms happen pretty often though. In these dreams I’m always searching for a way to get off, but something or someone gets in my way, repeatedly. I usually wake up with my pussy so wet it could put out a fire and a bad case of the oh-my-god-I-need-to-masturbate-now. It’s frustrating, but in a nice kind of way.

Everyone and their mother has heard of guys (usually around puberty) having wet dreams, but did you know that a lot of chick can have full blown orgasms in a dream state as well. Boy, do I envy those ladies. Unless they still live at home and have to share a room with a sibling. Talking in your sleep is awkward enough.

Apparently, there’s a cure out there for people, like me, who would like to have more erotic dreams and it’s as simple as sleeping on your stomach:

Girls! I said on your stomachs.

My theory is all the pressure your mattress puts on your special place, but let’s see what the sexy science lab coats from Hong Kong’s Shue Yan University have to say about it:

According to News.com.au, researcher Calvin Kai-Ching Yu believes one of the reasons stomach sleepers have a sexier sleep is because they don’t get as much oxygen face down which can result in the mind sending “confused messages”.

Sooo, lack of oxygen and confusing brain messages are the reasons people dream about sex?! Yeah, I don’t really buy it. My brain doesn’t need to be confused to think about good ol’ dirty sex. Hell, when I’m confused I generally want a glass a water, maybe a nap, or a trip to the hospital; I’m not looking to get boned. Unless the confusion is from too much red wine.

I’m sticking to my theory, especially when you consider that most of the test subjects who participated in this study where female. I can tell you from personal experience, having tits and a pussy, that applying pressure on these zones… say from a mattress… usually does it for me. Also, lying face down on a mattress and getting grindy with it is how a lot of chick like to get off. I know I do.

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