Want More Orgasms? Blow Your Nose!

by RICK RODAY on May 15, 2018

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Though I often pretend to be a woman in online video games to gain a strategic advantage or special treatment from sexist MMORPG guild leaders, it is my understanding that there are aspects to femininity I’ll never understand. Specifically, with regards to sex and/or being able to wear my underwear for two days in a row while traveling by turning them inside out.

I have been fortunate with my current lover to be with someone that communicates their needs. Though there is no secret to the female orgasm, it doesn’t come as easily to some women as it does others. My current partner rarely climaxes from vaginal intercourse alone which is why our foreplay involves a lot of external stimulation.

Meanwhile I could achieve an orgasm by rubbing my dick in the middle of a dictionary for a minute or two.

Given how common it is for the female orgasm to elude some people, there are many guides and remedies that claim to help. According to a recent a study it may be as simple as blowing your nose before sex as it was discovered women with clear sinuses are more likely to climax.

The study was done by scientists from the Technical University Dresden in Germany wherein they asked 70 adults to rank their sex lives as well as their sense of smell. It is claimed by researches that odors and pheromones produced during sex enhance orgasms so finding a link was the purpose of their questioning.

After crunching the data, it was discovered that 6 of the 7 women with the most unhindered senses of smell climax regularly during sex compared to only 1 of the 7 women with the worst sinus problems. Curious!

We read a lot of studies that claim overall physical and mental health are important factors for a healthy sex life and perhaps having clear sinuses are one of the reasons. Alternatively, you could try eating an apple because in addition to keeping the doctor away there was a study that claimed they contain a chemical that helps stimulate women sexually.

Should clear nasal passages be an equally effective treatment for regular female orgasms, maybe the makers of allergy medications need to hop on board. They can make one of those commercials where a cartoon bee seductively points to her genitals while sitting in a newly opening flower and covering herself in pollen.

Sounds kind of weird when I read it out loud but it would still be a hell of a lot more effective than Bob Dole’s Viagra commercial from the 90s.

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