Want To Get Off To A Pastor’s Daughter?

by Joy Topaz on February 4, 2010

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If you want your offspring to be virginal school teachers you should probably never become a pastor. Especially if your daughter is HOT. Ella Black is just one of eight pornstars to put down the dildo and pick up her phone all in the need to service you better.

Yep. Lipstream.com lets you talk and text message to real live pornstars! If following around your favorite pornstars on Twitter isn’t scratching your stalking itch then buy some minutes and wait patiently for your preferred girl to be online. Next thing you know you are knee deep in new masturbatory material.

Want to show how fucking awesome you are to your buddies? Get a text from Lexi Love. Trying to impress a date? Have a pornstar message you tit shots in the middle of dinner. Nothing says classy playboy like paid for communication.

The entertainment options are endless. Hours of jack off entertainment! Until you have to hock the Prius for more lube.

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