Welcome to My Sexy Nightmare

by Alpha Harlot on November 8, 2018

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Peepz, I’m partially sorry for the content of this post, but I’ve got a problem with oversharing things that I know that I can’t unsee. I watch crazy gross youtube videos all the time with like ingrown toenail removal and shit and try to show my wife and she thinks it’s totally disturbing that I can eat popcorn while the Toe Bro does his thing. This isn’t about me being gross though, it’s about me being attracted to things that most of society would find disturbing.

Are modified bodies disturbing though? Piercings and tattoos are the norm…but too many piercings and too many tattoos and the PC police are out to get you. If you’re over the top, or over indulge in a specific modification, people talk shit.

It’s kind of fucked up.

I came across the instagram account of Matieres Fecales because of an article in Vogue magazine. People are all sorts of fascinated by the fashion/performance art pieces that include…

Shoes that look like feet with a heel.

And now, I present to you possibly the most interestingly creepy photo you will see all year:

Fuck you Fascism 🇧🇷#elenão

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Yeah, so those are shoes…with heels that look like actual disfigured feet. Are we here for it or nah? You can have your own pair of shoes, which are sculpted from your actual feet…so personalized and one of a kind…for like 10K.

Scrolling through their instagram feed will make your eyes bug out of your head and possibly make your pants a little bit more tight.

Honestly, the whole 2019 Fecal Matter Spring Summer collection is fucking fascinating. Maybe it’s because I’m so into BDSM fashion…or maybe it’s because I myself am strange and unusual…but this is fucking sexy. Watch if you dare.

What do you Peepz think? Is this your cup of tea or are you scrolling quickly through this post with your eyes closed? Let me know in the comments below or hit up my DM’s on twitter.

Source and Image: Matieres Fecales Insta and Vogue

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