Where’s My LiLo Sex Tape! – (Former) Disney Teens Gone Wild!

by Bucky Beall on December 17, 2010

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In honor of Miley Cyrus (probably) coming to work with us. It’s Disney Teen Pop Princesses Gone Wild Day here at Peeperz! When you say the name Lindsay Lohan the first thing that pops into people’s minds is “drugged out whore-mess” but in the early 2000’s it would be “sweet teen from all those Disney movies who also records pop tunes for the tween set.” Miley Cyrus, if you stay on your present path, this is the ghost of Christmas future:

So…please….. stay on your present path.

This is the perfect time to review the rumors  about a possible Lindsay Lohan sex tape. Back in January 2010, a waiter who she had an affair with, claimed he had a 46 second clip of them doing nasty, vile, brief things to each other, but the clip never materialized. Then, at the beginning of November, a Facebook page popped up promising people a Lindsay Lohan threesome sex tape video if they clicked on a link. Many fell for it, and it was reported by the media that a threesome video exists, but it turned out to be a scam to fill your computer with viruses, there was no such vid.

Now vague rumors are going around on some blogs and message boards, of the existence of another tape, possibly with her former lesbian lover Samantha Ronson.

Is this just speculation and rumor mongering or could there be something to it? With her current problems the tape could ruin her, or with her current problems, a sexy “leaked” tape could be just what she needs.

Such a tape would make my life complete but I want to know: what celebrity sex tape would you like to see, post your answer in the comments and keep hoping. You never know when such a tape might “leak” out.

See all of Lindsay’s nude scenes at MrSkin.com!

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