Woman Allergic To Husband’s Sperm? Inconceivable!

by Calvin Clark on November 22, 2016

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A newlywed couple from North Carolina found out the hard way that waiting until marriage to have sex can have disastrous consequences. After a long engagement, the couple discovered in their mid-30s that they were genetically unable to have sex because the woman was allergic to her husband’s semen. Oops!

The story begins when the bride and groom, who chose to be identified as Clara and Jeff, consummated their marriage and discovered that the bride developed a painful, burning swelling in her vagina. Initially assuming she contracted one of those “ESS TEE DEEs” her pastor warned her about, this situation put a tremendous strain on their marriage.

The couple waited quite a number of months to visit a doctor, and even then it took quite some time for the diagnosis to be made. In the meantime, the couple couldn’t have sex with or without a condom and admitted that while they were still in love, being married was like living with a roommate.

To reduce their already dramatically reduced libidos, Clara tried to avoid doing situations that would make her and her husband think about sex. She refrained from wearing sexy underwear and avoided sexually arousing intimacy with her husband. Friend zoned.

After 10 months of cuddling, talking, and regular visits to the gynecologist it was finally revealed that she was allergic to her husband’s sperm. Now there’s your problem!

Learning that Jesus designed their bodies to be genetically incapable of making love didn’t stop them. They began a treatment that was designed to build Clara’s vagina to tolerate Jeff’s semen. Her vagina was medically injected with dilutions of her husband’s juices every 15-20 minutes for a couple of hours. I know that’s supposed to be some kind of medical bullshit but it still sounds hot.

To make sure the treatment worked, doctors asked the couple to have regular sex and report the hot, steamy medical details to doctors. Pictures and videos would also be nice. Yay, science!

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