Woman Gets Off With The Help Of City Of Toronto Water Fountain

by Lola Byrd on August 20, 2017

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Ah yes, who hasn’t used a public water fountain to pleasure themselves? I mean, it’s basically an age-old tradition at this point. Honestly, masturbating with water pressure was one of my favorite ways to get off for the longest time. I say was, because the place where I currently live doesn’t enough water pressure to make that happen and I own a million vibrators anyways.

Still, though, thinking about it… a good jet of water pressure right on the clitoris is what has given me some of my best orgasms. I might move just so I can find a place with better water pressure.

Actually, I might move to Toronto, because it looks like one of the city’s public fountains might just be the answer to all my desires. From the looks of it, T.O. does not have a problem with water pressure.

Check out the video:

Woman Having Fun on Toronto Water Fountain (x-post r/trashy) from toronto

I love how at first she looks all casual and shit. “Oh no, it’s no big deal. I’m just over here sitting on a water fountain just cause,” but then she gets on all fours and finds the right spot and there’s no denying that she is getting off! What else could she

I guess, she could have shit her pants and the water fountain was her way to casually hide the evidence, but I know that hip swivel motion well and that’s definitely a I’m-building-a-rhythm-so-I-can-cum kind of motion.

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