Woman Parades Around Office Naked To Boost Morale

by Calvin Clark on November 7, 2018

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It’s often said that everyone has a price but that’s really only half of the truth. The amount of money a person has to be paid to do something embarrassing or out of character depends entirely on how many people will know about it. For example I do things for free in the privacy of dark parking lots that some people claim they wouldn’t in exchange for thousands of dollars.

Once you have a grasp on your audience and calculate the risks, it’s all about making the deal.

This is what a Polish woman and her boss did when he asked her to parade around the office naked to boost employee morale. Even joking about such a proposal would break every rule in the United States, but in Poland this was no big deal. The woman accepted the offer, stripped down to her boots and did a lap around the building to the delight of her coworkers. She was probably a shoo-in for employee of the month.

She was extra paid for the stunt, her boss was remembered as a legend, and all the other employees started working a little harder. It certainly seemed like a win for everyone until video of the naked woman’s walk about went viral. Oops.

Soon after the video made rounds across the internet, she was identified and quit her job out of sheer embarrassment. Maybe they just needed to tweak their approach a little.

Other bosses in really cool countries are no strangers to the motivational powers of a naked carrot on a stick. Earlier we read about a Chinese company that offered to arrange a night with a porn star to the year’s hardest worker. Though poorly received on the internet, the contest worked and they experienced a major boost in employee morale without anyone losing their job. Maybe the trick is to use a professional sex worker instead of a really hot marketing specialist.

Still, it’s unfortunate that this woman in Poland was forced to quit. Though she did willingly parade around the office naked, she probably wasn’t expecting someone to film it and post it on the internet. She would have probably asked for a lot more money.

Hopefully she’ll be able to find another job soon, which should be easily considering how stacked her resume is after this exposure.

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