Woman Removes Her Own Breast Implants With DIY Surgery

by RICK RODAY on May 16, 2018

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My sister is a wonderful human being and a bit of an amateur dermatologist. Her desire to rid the world of tiny blemishes was extended to me when she used her various tools, like an electric burning device, to remove a small skintag from my face.

She isn’t squeamish at all. The smell of my burning flesh, large amount of blood, and muffled screaming didn’t deter her from zapping the flap right off my temple. When I asked her if it hurts when she does this to herself she said it does, but the temporary pain is worth it if you’ll look better forever afterwards.

This kind of mentality is not unique to my beloved sister and some people go to even further extremes to improve their physical appearance using DIY surgery.

Recently a woman from Lincolnshire, England made the news after she decided to take matters into her own hands and remove a pair of unwanted breast implants using a box cutter. While many people were quick to criticize the risky procedure the woman said she had a good reason: they were really bothering her and she didn’t want to wait for her health insurance to approve surgery.

Well alright then.

The 49-year-old told British media she received her 36F breast implants 14 years ago. After growing tired of having super-sized boobs she decided to look into having them removed only to find out the procedure wasn’t immediately covered by the UK’s NHS plan.

After learning that the implant removal procedure would cost her £3,000 if performed privately, she finally had enough. The unnatural appearance of the aging and oversized silicone breasts was seriously impacting her life so she decided to do the surgery herself.

The woman purchased a box cutter and made a small incision just under the original scar from her implant surgery after numbing the skin with an icepack. She performed a few initial test cuts before finally digging through the layers of fatty tissue inside her breast but ruptured one of the silicone implants during the process. Yikes!

Being a responsible adult, she finally decided it was time to dress the wounds as best she could and drive herself to an emergency room.

When she arrived at the hospital she presented doctors with a note explaining what she had done, and they rushed to access the damage. Doctors flushed her now deflated breasts with saline spray to remove any leaked silicone and cleaned and dressed her wound before sending her home without the need for stitches.

Doctors called the woman lucky for performing such a procedure on herself without serious consequences. She went on to say she considered the whole thing a success, adding she was happy with the results and her hacked up, saggy breasts are a huge improvement over the old implants.

Honestly, I’m just impressed she had the determination and to carry out the procedure. I could barely stand having a skintag the size of a grain of rice removed without any proper anesthesia.

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