Woman Wearing Body Paint Visits Mall In Sexy ‘Experiment’

by RICK RODAY on December 4, 2017

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A really good way to give a stunt some academic credibility is to call it a “social experiment.” These are usually done by YouTube personalities who make videos of themselves being rude to strangers and, while they have no scientific value, are a good way to upload pranks and make them sound less mean. However someone occasionally comes up with an experiment that actually betters the world around them.

In order to test her hypothesis that attractive women receive attention in public, Jen Seidel of JenTheBodyPainter sent Maria Luciotti to the mall naked. Wait, what?

Using her impressive body painting talents Jen made her living canvas resemble a normal woman wearing a fashionable fall ensemble. The only catch is that Maria is actually wearing nothing more than a thong, pasties, and a few layers of body paint that looks like skin tight clothing. With the addition of a scarf, hat, and boots you can hardly tell she’s almost naked.

Never mind that Luciotti is a professional fitness model and personal trainer with an amazing body that would probably make my Grandmother’s pantsuits look sexy. Let’s send her to the mall naked!

For the most part, Seidel’s artwork was so realistic most people didn’t notice Maria wasn’t actually wearing a skintight grey sweater and ripped blue jeans. Considering how commonplace jeggings and other form-fitting clothes are it’s not surprising most people didn’t bat an eye. She does catch a lot of looks from men she walks by but that’s pretty standard for women in public nowadays, much less buxom naked ones who jiggle with every footstep.

Through the course of the video a few keen-eyed gawkers and mall employees attempting to size the woman notice she isn’t wearing any clothes. Realizing the ruse they giggle with delight at both the quality of the artwork and the gorgeous, naked woman in front of them. Overall the experiment sounds like a success!

You could head over to JenTheBodyPainter’s YouTube channel to see the video, but we aren’t in the business of directing traffic to non-pornographic videos. As an alternative we suggest you check out this somewhat related clip from Pronhub that also features a beautiful woman in body paint, but with a much more satisfying ending.

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Image: Bailey Brooke in Paint Job by Brazzers

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