Woman Wields Hatchet After Her Sex Demands Were Rebuffed

by Lola Byrd on August 1, 2016

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I don’t want to make light of female on male domestic violence, but then again… that’s exactly what I’m about to do, because although sex crimes aren’t funny, they sort of are when they’re about a Florida woman trying to break down a bathroom door with a hatchet because her boyfriend rebuffed her drunken advances.


Scary or…



Ok, so maybe a woman wielding an axe and making a bloody mess isn’t exactly funny, at least not for the poor guy hiding in the bathroom, but you gotta wonder why someone would become so enraged after being denied sex that they would go so far as to pick up a weapon?

Women are taught from a young age that a man will always say yes to sex no matter the situation. He could be on the way to the hospital to reattach his severed thumb and he will make time for the sexy EMT with the big boobs. That’s what we think anyhow, because of what we’ve been told all our lives, but in reality there are many reasons why a man will say no to sex. Maybe he’s tired. Maybe he’s depressed. Maybe he just doesn’t feel like it.

Point is, it doesn’t matter what the reason is, men have a right to say no to sex as much as women do.

People just don’t expect men to say no to sex, so when they do, a lot of women will automatically think there’s something repulsive about them. This low self-esteem hit will sometimes be expressed in a fit of anger. At least, that’s the only way I can explain why a presumably sane adult by the name of Leslie Mills would attack her boyfriend with a hatchet after he refused to have sex with her.

Things become a little clearer when you realize that the victim broke up with Mills earlier that evening, which probably prompted her drinking binge and repeatedly sexual advances.

Charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and domestic battery, Mills is currently free on $5500 and according to Facebook is “back to needing a roommate.”

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  • I need more Christina Ricci in my life. If she wants to hit me with a hatchet that’d be cool too.

    • dash56

      Christina Ricci is life

      • I haven’t watched her rendition of Lizzie Borden, have you?

        • dash56

          I can’t bring myself to watch Lifetime movies.

  • caved1ver

    Given the fact that women are more likely to initiate DV and men more likely to finish the altercation I find your article disquieting, i.e., your rationalization of femtard violence.

  • MainFragger

    Heh..my last “almost” girlfriend was like that.she told me up front, “When I want sex, you better not deny me!” Our relationship didn’t end well. She turned out to be kind of crazy, and I really wasn’t interested after realizing how crazy she is, so I denied her sex, left, and never went back again… Her e-mail to me after that was even crazier.. The whole situation was crazy, and I can’t tell the whole story here.. But trust me, I never should have even gone to see her to begin with…

    • There are so many fucked up people in this world, it’s depressing sometimes.

      • MainFragger

        I feel bad because I think she has just had a lot go bad for her, and she is doing the best she can for herself and her son. But she is just turned up to 14 on an intensity dial that is only meant to go to 10. We met on OKCupid, and her opening letter to me was outright rude and insulting. But having thick skin, I corrected her, and gave her a chance to be nice about it..and she more or less was…then I came to meet her, and hoo boy. It was nice to very unexpectedly get my swerve on the first night (and she is actually kind of cute..I usually end up with 5 or 6’s, and she was easily a 7.5..) but it was also an indication of just how messed up the situtation was..and following attempts to go out with her proved to be disastrous. But she still wanted sex.. I NEVER in my life pictured myself turning down a cute girl for sex..but we had already had a blow out fight that had pretty much ended things as far as I was concerned.. Considering how long I go in between girls, I’m amazed that I had the will power, but I was so pissed off, that actually, I don’t think the will power ever even entered into it. I couldn’t run away fast enough..

        • Lesson number one here is don’t respond to people who are outright rude and insulting. I’m trying to live my life by that. One guy I dated told me he was an asshole right off the bat, I really should have taken him by his word.

          • MainFragger

            No, she definately taught me a lesson that I kind of already knew, but this really drove home. As some one who has grown up in a house with Gramma and Mom who are both loving and yet crazy in their own ways, I no longer have the patience for even considering a girl friend that might drive me nuts. I might die old, lonely and bitter, but I’ll still have my mind.

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