Women Go Topless In Protest Against Gun Nuts

by RICK RODAY on August 5, 2014

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A hot topic in American politics earlier this summer was the right for gun owners to openly carry their weapons. Their reasoning was that the presence of responsible citizens in possession of firearms would deter people from committing violent crimes using guns.

To help make their point, a bunch of gun owners of varying degrees of mental health decided it would be a good idea to walk around crowded restaurants while holding loaded assault rifles and shouting about their constitutional right to bear arms. A shit storm ensued.

Seeing guns carried by potentially unqualified people in public places makes most people very nervous. To help these passionate gun owners see how uncomfortable guns can make people feel, a group of women decided to use their boobs to protest an open carry rally in Austin, Texas.

Wait they had boobs and guns in downtown Austin? Texas you were born to rage.

From what I can tell, these women weren’t trying to tell people that they should own guns. Instead they were trying to show second amendment activists that just because you can legally do something that makes people uncomfortable, it doesn’t mean you should- and they were exposing their breasts to the hot Texas sun as examples.

One topless woman who was protesting the rally said her “brother and dad have guns, but they have more than enough sense not to parade them around downtown Austin.”

Rather than just walk around with their breasts out waiting for someone to get the point, women held signs that read “More Boobs, Less Guns.” Another woman had a sign that said “Do you realize everyone thinks you’re overcompensating for your teeny-tiny gun right?”

Hey now!

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