Women’s MMA Champion Rhonda Rousey Poses Nude!

by RICK RODAY on July 11, 2012

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Rhonda Rousey is an arm snapper. She’s the Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Champion and wins the nearly all of her fights by forcing her opponents to the ground and folding their arm like a cheap lawn chair. She has the body and face of a foxy boxer with the skillset and athleticism of an Olympic level athlete whereas other female MMA athletes tend to be on the more homely side – which is fair considering they train and fight just as hard as their male peers.

Rhonda manages to do all of her ass kicking while looking absolutely fabulous and she’s bloody brilliant to boot. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan. She’ll be defending her title next month in San Diego, California and considering she’s become one of the most recognizable and attractive faces in the world’s fastest growing sport, you can expect a ton of media coverage.

ESPN even shot a couple pics of her wearing nothing but a pair of pink hand wraps! Schwing!

In other MMA news, Anderson “The Spider” Silva got his sweet, sweet revenge against the loud spoken “American Gangster,” Chael Sonnen.  Sonnen had spent the majority of the last two years shit-talking Silva, his wife, his country and just about anything else he thought would get a rise out of the world’s most dangerous man. Needless to say, the hard hitting Brazilian was worked into a blind range and it almost paid off for his opponent.

Silva rushed into a vicious takedown at the hands of Mr. Sonnen and was controlled for nearly the entire first frame. However, Silva isn’t the world’s pound for pound best fighter for nothing, and in the second round he came out with a focused demeanor and lured Sonnen into his game, which is walking backwards while pounding his opponent in the face with laser beam accuracy.

After some questionable shorts grabbing, and the administration of a brutal knee to the chest, Silva got his revenge and retained his UFC Middleweight championship. It was an exciting conclusion to one of the most bitter and real rivalries in recent combat sports history.

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