Yet Another Sex Toy Lost To The Void Requires Hospital Visit

by Calvin Clark on May 13, 2019

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Cautionary tales are the cornerstone of modern civilization. Learning from the mistakes of our forefathers is an important part of being a responsible member of the human race. As such I think it vital to our advancement as a species to make fun of people who get sex toys stuck in their rectum.

This isn’t to say anal play is a mistake. It’s one of the most fun things you can do with an anus however you do have to be careful with what you stick in there. Once you graduate from a finger or two to something more substantial, you have to start considering the point of no return. Otherwise you might end up in the news for losing track of a 23-inch sex toy in your guts.

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about such an incident on this website, and had a 31-year-old man from Italy been an avid Peeperz reader he may not have made the same mistake. After losing nearly two feet of sex toy in his anus, the unidentified man spent 24 hours trying to remove it himself before giving up and going to a hospital.

After performing an x-ray doctors determined that the man was relatively lucky as he hadn’t damaged any of his organs. Others haven’t been as lucky.

A while back we read about a man from England who “lost control” of a 30-inch sex toy he was stuffing up his butt and the damage it caused turned out to be life threatening. After puncturing his bowel in pursuit of an orgasm doctors had to perform life-saving surgery on the man. After successfully repairing the perforation in his bowel, his lengthy recovery included a feeding tube and colostomy bag.

Fortunately for the anonymous patient in Italy, clever use of medical tools was able to do the trick without any surgery.

After confirming the man hadn’t suffered any serious injuries doctors were left with the not so simple task of removing the toy from his rectum. Using some Italian ingenuity, doctors fashioned a noose out of some wire and a catheter that they were able to get around the sex toy. After putting their lasso-like device around the object, they tightened it and were able to safely pull the sex toy out.

It’s probably exactly how MacGyver would get a 23-inch sex toy out of his own butt.

After treating the man for a thoroughly gaped butthole and some slight abdominal cramping, they returned his sex toy and sent him home. Hopefully he will be a little bit wiser about how he uses it in the future- as will anyone who reads this.

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