Young Urban Pervert: Lesbian Sex Parties

by Kir Deluxe on May 31, 2011

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Every week, Kir Deluxe, a young urban pervert, recounts salacious sex stories from her sordid past and present.

Lesbian sex parties are one of my favorite things. They have been for a long time. The problem was, for an equally long time I had never been invited to one. Sure, I’ve been to lots of sex parties, and have attended sex parties at which I’ve performed lesbian sex acts. But no one ever threw sex parties for girls only. I would often fantasize about all-girl orgies, and then think, “Boy, would I ever like it if somebody invited me to a lesbian sex party! That would be so awesome!” Then I would continue wanking my clit.

One day, I had a brilliant idea. “I know lots of lesbians – I should throw a lesbian sex party at my house!” I said to myself. I talked it over with my delightful and understanding boyfriend, who reluctantly agreed to vacate our shared premises should this plan ever come to fruition – though not before suggesting a myriad of inventive means by which he could attend. Regretfully, I had to veto all of them. I told him, “If I let you attend my lesbian sex party, I’d have to let all of my other girlfriends bring their boyfriends… and then it wouldn’t be a lesbian sex party, would it?”

I made a Facebook event and invited all the girls who like girls that I know – about eighty or so. I also extracted a promise from two of my closest friends to act as bartender and bouncer. “What happens if I get hit on? I’m only heteroflexible!” fretted my future bartender. “Well, it’s not as though you never get hit on by men you don’t like,” I responded. “ I think you’ll manage.”

I was so terrified that no one would show up. Though wild, uninhibited sex parties feature prominently in the canon of lesbian erotica, when it comes right down to it, lesbians can be rather timid about sex in real life. I feared that the women I knew wouldn’t be able to make the jump from fantasy to reality. I feared that my sex party would turn out to be just me, and my two friends, getting drunk on my couch. As it turned out, my fears were completely unfounded. Tune in next week to find out what happened…

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  • 🙂 I’ve only been to 3 Lesbian sex parties in my life (one of them being a 40 chick orgy)  but they were definitely some of the sexiest evenings of my life.
    I can’t wait to read what happens!!

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