Your Daily Lady Gaga Skin Update

Lady Gaga aka Stefani Germanotta aka that weird girl who should put some clothes on already, released her new single in like…what…ten years? I’m slipping behind on my pop culture as the porno culture completely takes over my life but regardless first single released in a long time.

As heavily documented on this very website Ga (as I’m now calling her for short) has been out doing pr for her mini comeback by being really naked. This didn’t work as expected as her pseudo-rival Katy Perry creamed her with the release of her new single, I’m assuming it’s because Katy has better breasts even if she never fully gets them out.

There’s still months till her cd (well iTunes downloadable album) drops so I should get some more posts of Lady’s flesh out of her.

Here’s the newest roundup where she is only nakedish and not as full frontal as before, get down to this gallery where we have a mix of more pics from her boobie shoot for V Magazine, stills from her new video, and a bonus upskirt shot taken yesterday.

I really, really, want to see Katy Perry’s tits: