Your Dentist May Soon Want To Talk To You About Sex, Flossing

by RICK RODAY on February 11, 2018

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I enjoy going to my dentist. My family has been going to the same one for decades and he always has a nice story about my father. Our dentist is like a family friend that chastises us about flossing and gives us free toothbrushes.

However, these friendly visits may be getting a little bit more serious if the Journal of the American Dental Association has their way.

According to a recently published article it may be time to dentists to talk to their patients about sex. While their focus has historically been mouth-related ailments, research suggests HPV is the cause of 72 percent of all oropharyngeal cancers which are those that effect the throat. Encouraging dentists to inquire about the HPV vaccine also requires them to pry into topics of sex that are normally none of their business.

Usually when a dentist starts asking you sexual questions with while stuffing their fingers in your mouth it’s time to bite down and start looking for a new practice. This new policy could change everything I know about stranger danger.

I suppose not all dentists are oblivious about sex.

We once read about a dentist from Taiwan who also happened to be an artist. Using his appreciation of both the beauty of life and the dental arts, he designed a retainer that made blow jobs more enjoyable. The device was designed to be fitted like a normal device but also included a series of textured bumps that would enhance any fellatio provided by the wearer.

At any rate, the research article suggested dentists should talk to patients about HPV but also confirmed that most of them would be uncomfortable doing so. When asked to cite a reason the most common was that they simply don’t know enough about HPV or the vaccine to make a recommendation.

Like most vaccines, the HPV vaccination is shrouded in a bit of controversy. Many groups have tried to link it to an early occurrence of reproductive cancers as it is recommended to be administered before adulthood.

Still, numerous medical groups agree the benefits outweigh the risks. With the American Dental Association poised to be one of them, your dentist may soon be very curious about your sex life as well as your brushing habits.


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